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Interessantes Interview

Hier gibt's ein interessantes Interview zu Sarrazin und der BILD-Zeitung.


It's Electrifyin'!

I got shooooes, they're multiplyin'...

(putting together the ultimate karaoke playlist, don't mind me! Any suggestions? comment away!)

discussion time

So in April, a US cartoonist proposed a Everybody Draw Muhammad Day for May 20th, in reaction to a US TV channel canceling an episode of South Park because it contained a depiction of Muhammad.

This cartoon sparked a Everybody Draw Muhammad Day group on Facebook, with users submitting drawings of Muhammad and other religious figures. In return, Facebook as well as Youtube were blocked in Pakistan.

Now there's an ongoing discussion of whether Facebook should have been blocked in Pakistan, or whether these Muhammad cartoons should have been drawn in the first place.

What I'd like to know is what you think about this. Do you think the Pakistan court had a point? Do you think people should go on drawing cartoons depicting Muhammad?

And here's the source: BBC News

Hardly breaking news anymore, but still

Belgium banned the burka.

Fucking ridiculous.
I'd love to hear your opinion on one of the most widely discussed issue in fandom.

Are certain words untranslatable or can you find a way of expressing everything, somehow? If there are concepts or words specific to one language, how should a translator deal with it? Should the word be left untranslated? Should it just be omitted, if the content of the sentence is perfectly understandable?

To keep it general, let's focus on modern-day sentences, not historical drama (which is a bit more complicated, so different rules might apply.)

To give an example: This discussion usually occurs when discussing translations from Japanese and one of the most frequently discussed words is the word senpai (or its counterpart kôhai.) Paranoid disclaimer: Yes, I just linked to Wikipedia. I could have linked to a 30-page essay on those two words but I doubt anyone truly unfamiliar with those words would want to fight through one of those. So there.

So if you're translating a story set in a high school where people refer to each other as senpai and kôhai all the time, what would you do?

Here are two arguments that you can also just skipCollapse )

What do you think?


Someone linked me to the "Zwiebelfisch" articles on Spiegel Online. I hate, hate, HATE these articles with a passion, I hate the guy who writes them and I hate his cult of followers, who like to bemoan the downfall of the German language just because someone has "ein Meeting gecancelt."

Giving in to my masochistic tendencies why yes, it was a slow office day, how did you guess? I visited the forums. Le sigh.

Those forums consist of 110% pure entitlement and you'd need a Mighty Sword of Arrogance +5 to hack and slash your way through. I'm allergic to entitlement, though, so I decided to glance over the discussion from a safe distance. Even so, I nearly died from the toxicity. Yes. Well.

This sort of language entitlement is something I've never understood. How can people be so very hung up about what they view to be the one and only way to speak German? I really wonder! If I examine the way I speak, all I see is that my way of speaking changes drastically over the course of one single day. I speak in dialect to my family, which would make those people cringe ("De bruder vun dem anner soi kuseng, der had soi auto de bersch runnergefaahr"). When I talk to friends, it changes to informal standard German - with slight changes to the vocabulary I use, depending on the friend I'm talking to. There will be inside jokes, phrases, the like. At work, it's back to standard German. Each of these language forms have their uses and they're all appropriate in their respective contexts.

But then again, from what these people are saying, it seems like they surround themselves with the same kind of people all day long. Well.

Bah. There's a link. http://forum.spiegel.de/showthread.php?t=180&page=6

EDIT: From one of the forum posts:

Nur so anbei: Ich attestiere mir selbst einen eher mäßigen deutschen Sprachgebrauch, was nicht zuletzt an den langen Jahren im Internet und am Heimatdialekt liegt. Aber gut genug für normale Kommunikation ist es schon, nur werde ich damit nie Diplomat werden können.

Yeah, right. You TWAT. Blame it on your dialect if you can't speak German properly (what the hell did you do in school?) or on the internet. It's not at all because you just suck.

Dec. 25th, 2009

Merry Christmas to you all :)

I love Christmas. I look forward to it every year. Now that I actually earn money, I also get to spend way too much on presents. But the looks on everyone's faces is so worth it!

Usually I'm at my family's place early on the 24th at the latest, but this time I was a bit delayed, arriving just before dinner time. I had just enough time to change into something fancy and sit down to a festive dinner. This and the present exchange is the best part of Christmas. It's quiet, it's festive and everyone is happy.

After the present exchange, we celebrate with the rest of the family (at least the greater part of the family), which is loud, busy and usually funny (though not so much for those who are sensitive to the sound of numerous children screaming their little lungs out), but this year we had a bit of drama, unfortunately. No matter how much we tried, we couldn't get the mood back to the way it was before. I guess it happens sometimes. So unnecessary too... After everyone left, we had a great time with the DSiWare version of Brain Training, which cheered us up considerably.

Christmas Day is reserved for my grandmother, who cooks for the entire family. It seems that the stress is getting to her a bit, though, since today, we're going out for Chinese. I kind of wish I didn't have to go and eat at 1, though.

I'll have to post more about the last few days, but for now, I need to run. So how was everyone else's Christmas? :)

Dec. 15th, 2009

I keep meaning to post entries, either of the long, rambly, thoughtful or of the equally long, ranty kind. Neither of them make it - something I want to change next year (no, really) - but as it is right now, all I can say is bleh.

Typing the last sentence took forever, as I'm sick, so I'll keep it short and simple. I'm still technically moving, as my apartment is still not ready. It's a long story, but it annoys me. Most of the new furniture is built but there's still the wardrobe, which I can't build on my own. I'd ask my boyfriend to help out, but he fell ill again. He's back in hospital right now, for surgery.

I don't know what it is about this year, but this entire year sucks. In fact, it's the suckiest year I've had in a long while. Sure, there have been positive aspects too. I've managed to get directly employed, I found an apartment, I met some awesome people, but overall? Terrible. So many people dying, getting seriously ill, being hospitalized, break-ups, other horrible things... The best thing about this year is the fact that it's over soon.

On more positive news, I attended my first ever Nintendo Christmas party this year and it was terrific. So many great people, everyone was looking classy, good food... Can't wait for the next one :)

This is the blah.

Instead of ranting about the state of one of my home countries, I thought I'd introduce you to a bit of true literary genius.


I don't know about you, but I think the yeah.